Wheaties WWII Card Model History!

Historcal Note:

In 1944 during WWII The makers of Wheaties, General Mills Co. gave thousands of these models to our servicemen to build and fly while they recovered from their wartime injuries.

These WWII Wheaties model airplanes were also part of the Jack Armstrong Radio Show, where the models were offered as Radio Premiums. The Jack Armstrong Radio Show was responsible for introducing this series of card models representing the most popular fighters of World War II.

You were required to put a penny in the nose for a nose weight, Remember? Also you may remember (When Wheaties Gave Us Wings) the card models flew so well that National Championship Contests were organized. Awards were presented for best appearance, best maneuverability, and longest flight.

The WWII Wheaties model airplanes were originally designed for General Mills in 1944 by an Englishman named Wallis Rigby and they were reintroduced in 1966.

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The models we are offering on this website are exact reproductions of the models designed by Wallis Rigby and distributed by General Mills.

You can still build and enjoy them in 2006. And for those of you who remember them! These models will undoubtedly transport you back to fond memories of your youth...


All 14 Models.
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